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Design Milk
The kodo hotel Is an Architectural Touchstone for Wellness

Calcium, iron, sulfur, and magnesium. These minerals are just a small sample from the shared elemental composition that links humans to the earth, and yet the hubris of man has led many builders astray from regularly honoring earthen materials. An exception to this rule, however, is the kodō hotel…

Los Angeles Wire
Kodō Oasis: Unveiling Los Angeles’ Culinary and Hospitality Gem in the Historic Arts District

As plans for the new year are made, ‘places to travel to’ and ‘restaurants to visit’ lists are updated. People are looking for a new hot spot to visit, and in a city like Los Angeles, the possibilities are endless. For those who love…

insider los angeles
Experience Tranquil Luxury in the Heart of L.A.’s Arts District at the kodō Launch Party

Restaurant and Boutique Hotel at 710 S Santa Fe Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90021. Located at the heart of the Los Angeles Arts District, kodō hotel and restaurant is a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city…

The source
Kodō Hotel Grand Opening Redefines Tranquil Escapes

Los Angeles Arts District is home to kodō restaurant, where creatives from all walks of life can discover the gem. kodō is a modern Japanese restaurant with bistro inspired dishes and a sushi counter where guests can…

New york weekly
Kodō Hotel Launch Party Marks New Era for Hospitality in Los Angeles’s Arts District

Located in a century-old, repurposed firehouse at the heart of the LA Arts District, kodō’s Japanese-American fusion restaurant and cafe is the foundation for the accompanying boutique hotel that opened its doors on…

los angeles business
Tranquil Escapes: Discovering Serenity with kodō hotel’s Elemental Rooms

In the heart of Los Angeles’ Arts District lies the perfect getaway scene, kodō hotel. This boutique hotel offers an escape from the hustle and chaos of Los Angeles by providing…